Viro Java 3L Thatch Sub-Panel 30 1/2"L x 24" H Plus Shipping

Viro Java 3L Thatch Sub-Panel 30 1/2"L x 24" H Plus Shipping

SKU: Vir-2150

Viro Java 3L Thatch Sub-Panel is made from an eco-friendly synthetic material that is high in quality and realistic in appearance. This sub-panel measures 30 1/2 inches in length and 24 inches in height. Use synthetic sub-panels to cover any roof structure and create a lush tropical atmosphere in your very own backyard.

Roofs thatched with our sub-panels do not require any maintenance and will not mold or decay over time. Viro thatch is a smart and long lasting alternative to natural thatch products. Each thatch sub-panel is designed to last for many years and will not shed or fade because it’s a synthetic product.

To best cover your roofing structure, attach sub-panels overlapping 8 inches on center. The Java inspired palm leaves are thick in texture and duplicate Javanese styled thatch. Each sub-panel has 3 layers of richly colored Java thatch that is made from recyclable, non-toxic polyethylene material.


VIROTHATCH JAVA has a textured surface. The fiber strands look like natural thatch with a rougher texture. The Java has a deeper range of browns and honey tones with darker textures.


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