7' Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrella Cover

7' Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrella Cover

SKU: 513-7

This 7 foot Mexican palm thatch umbrella is made from the highest quality Mexican palm leaves that have been layered to ensure quality. Umbrella covers can be used to cover various building structures, tiki bars, children’s play equipment, and more. We offer free shipping and handling on our 7 foot umbrella covers and will inspect each product prior to shipment.

Mexican thatch lasts approximately 3-5 years depending on the climate in your area of residence and type of care. This umbrella fully covers a 6 ½ foot surface when installed. The extra foot of thatch is fringe overhang for aesthetic purposes. The golden tan color compliments outdoor décor of all types and emphasizes a place of peace and tranquility.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not fire rated. We recommend applying a flame retardant spray for commercial use.